I install server software, run it and run iTerminal on my iOS device but i dont see my PC/Mac in hosts list.
Normally hosts with installed server software must appear in hosts list automatically, but sometimes it doesent happend because of network errors or firewall settings. here is most common situations:
- Bonjour service is not installed (only PC). You have to go in download section and download and install bonjour service for windows.
- Firewall dont allow connections for iTerminal server software. You have to configure your firewall to allow connections to iTerminal server software on port 4506 (by default). If you have troubles with firewall configuration please visit our forum.
- Make sure that your PC have the same ip subnet and subnet mask as your iOS device. For example your host have ip and subnet mask and your iOS device have ip and subnet mask. You have to check it if you dont use DHCP in your network. If you use DHCP it will automatically setting up.

Server software dont starting after installation (PC)
- You have to download and install .NET Framework

Looks like all configured fine but commands dont send to host
- Please check that your host on PC and on iOS device use the same secret key.

I change host and port on my PC but it dont work. iOS cant send commands to that host.
- Try to reboot your host and close and again open iTerminal app on your iOS device

Feel free asking any questions you have via email: or our forum.